What Services Are Provided By Website Design Companies?

Web designing and web development are two different words. They can be compared to chef and the host. Chef prepares the food while host serves it in a decent manner. No matter how tasty the food is, if it is not served nicely, it loses its charm. On the other hand, no matter how well you serve it, if it doesn’t taste good then it won’t satisfy the taste buds. If you are thinking to step into the business of web designing and development as this is highly paid market at this point of time OR if you are thinking to hire but confused with the terms, then this post will help you.

Web designing

Web designers help in transforming your ideas and thoughts into a visually appealing piece. They design the look and feel of website as an architect would a drawing of a building. A web designer creates the framework of the site, setting the direction on how a user is going to interact with it. They also select the colour scheme that should be used and how the interface should be made familiar to user’s eyes.

Designers also decide if the sub-options will appear on hovering over the headers or by clicking them. They prepare the plan to cover the real estate of the website so that the website is not categorized as ‘all surface and no substance’. Website designers have a tough job, they have to create something that looks amazing and provide direction to the developer for something that will function the right way. Depending upon the product, web designs can differ significantly. For instance, if it is an e-commerce website then options like “Help” are displayed on the top of the page but if its an informative blog then ‘Contact us’ is placed somewhere at the bottom! They go through the specifications and features and build layout of the website for developers.

Web development

Web developers help in giving meaning to the designs of designers. Just like costume designer designs the dress but the cloth is stitched and crafted by craftsmen, web developers turn the designs into live website. They will make sure that all your hyperlinks are pointing to the right page. The layout and colour scheme of the website is in line with designs and theme of the website. They will insert images, implement animations and flow of pages on the interface of the website. Along with this, back-end developers will ensure that they do their job in controlling the data servers and requests dynamically. If a user clicks on certain option, then it should fetch the right set of information. Web developers ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Although the two roles are very different, a web designer and a web developer need to work in harmony to achieve an engaging website that satisfies the users experience level. Most companies/agencies have competent designers and developers in house to eliminate any confusion between the two roles. All you need to know is what you’re looking to achieve, and making sure you pick the right agency to work with.